5 Ways to get Quicker at Speed Cubing

Finger twists - To become faster you need to turn the faces faster, that goes without saying. Instead of moving your whole wrist to turn each face - try using your fingers. Practise this by holding your cube with your thumbs on the left and right edge pieces of the front face, your index fingers on the back face top layer, your middle fingers on the back face middle layer and your ring fingers on the back face bottom layer. Simply flick your fingers to turn the top and bottom layers clockwise or anti clockwise. This can knock off many seconds once perfected. There are some very good videos on YouTube with hints and tips on this method of twisting. (Try this one).

Fridrich method (CFOP) - I won't lie, I still use the beginners method from time to time, it's a clean method, no horrible algorithms longer than a J.K Rowling book and the algorithms that you do use are very basic. However, to really amaze your friends and family and get a decent time you should really start learning the Jessica Fridrich method. It is set out in steps much like the beginners method but the algorithms are more complex and slightly longer. 

Fridrich Method Steps

  1. Cross - Solving the first layers 4 edge pieces
  2. F2L - Solving the first two layers completely 
  3. OLL - Orientation of last layer (Correctly orienting the last layer corner and edge pieces)
  4. PLL - Permutation of last layer (Correctly positioning the last layer corner and edge pieces)

As you can probably tell, this is a major step up from the beginners method and can drop your speed down to sub 30 seconds!

Cube Lube - To really increase your time you should always have some Cube Lube to hand. Now, this isn't just any old lubricant from your local B&Q or hardware shop. This is special pure silicone (Usually 100% pure dimethicone or something similar). There are plenty of places to purchase Cube Lube online, we stock it here. A drop or two into the core of your puzzle followed by some twists and turns to really spread it will increase your time by at least a few seconds. Buy some cube lube now.

Practise - The more you practise solving your cube the quicker you will become. It's that simple. Think about it, the first time you solved a cube it probably took you a few hours, whether you were following a tutorial on YouTube, reading about it online or even bought that famous book "You can do the cube" (Which is how I first learnt), you would have had to keep referring back, checking algorithms, pausing or re-reading and so on. Now, you can probably do it in under 60 seconds, think of how far you have already come. Keep practising, I myself like to spend up to 30 minutes every day just learning new algorithms and practising it. Give it a go and you will be surprised at the impact it makes on your overall time.  

Buy a Specialist Speed Cube - Now, there is no point even trying to get a decent time when your cube moves slower than a dead snail. Grab a decent speed cube, not too sure what to buy? Check out our other blog "Best Speed Cubes to buy in 2016".

All in all with all of the above being checked off and completed (along with being fully confident in knowing ALL of the Fridrich method algorithms) you should be able to solve a Rubik's cube in under 30 seconds. If you need help with any of the above tips please give us a message on admin@kewbz.co.uk or leave a message on our forum and somebody will help you out.



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