GAN 11 M Pro

Colour: Stickerless Bright
Interals: Primary
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
More than you'd expect from a flagship

The smoothness, the customisability, the lovely finish, it all speaks for itself. I'm especially a fan of the core magnets, which gives it the advantages of being able to make it looser without the disadvantages of it becoming extremely unstable. The magnet settings change the attraction of the corner pieces to the core, not the edges, so there is less of a noticeable difference (for me) between the settings but they are very much strong enough to stop it from being too 'warpy' on the 2nd setting

I plan on buying another one when they come back in stock, this product tends to go quickly so... Be quick

Believe the hype

I’d always been slightly sceptical about this cube give its price tag. It’s just a few pieces of plastic and some magnets right? I’d always said I’d get this cube if I started to average under 30 seconds so last week I took the plunge and bought it.

The cube is amazing! It’s a dream to solve on, perfectly light, incredible stability through the magnets yet quick turning speed. I’ve got a few other cubes in the £30 price bracket. This is a huge step up. Buy it, you won’t regret it!

The best cube you will ever have

Got back into speedcubing following the pandemic. Saw a new flagship so thought I would check it out and boy was I surprised. Initially reluctant due to the high price I can safely say this is the epitome of cube perfection. The way it handles, the weightless feel, the premium matte finish and the accessories that allow for numerous customisation, truly provides a product well deserving for that price. It is pieces like these that remind you why gans is on top of the chain. TDLR; really fun puzzle that is controllably fast and extremely stable. Highly recommend!

Just brilliant!

I got this cube as a replacement for my old gan 356 air and I have to admit, the difference is great. The cube feels kinda papery but smooth at the same time. The corner-cutting is fantastic and the second setting for the magnet strength is what works for me best! Oh and the core magnets help you a lot when you do M moves! If you have the money and you're a good speedcuber (I wouldn't recommend this to beginners) you should definitely buy this!

Excellent cube

I think the Gan 11 M Pro is a great cube as it is buttery and smooth for more advanced speed cubers. The shades are bright and the magnets really keep the cube stable when executing algorithms. Also the delivery was quick.

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