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Customer Reviews

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Pretty good, but bottle sucks

I like this lube, since it slows down cubes slightly, however provides a soft, plush feeling that is only matched by mystic. However this lube has a different plush feeling that provides resistance when turning, and I believe that people who enjoy controllable, gummy cubes will like this lube a lot. 1-3 drops should be enough for a decent length of time (a month or 2). I don’t like how the bottles leak everywhere during shipping, however. The lube gets everywhere if you don’t store it upright, similar to dignitas. The bottle cap also is incredibly hard to open, even though I know how to open the bottle properly. It wouldn’t come off. The needle tip is good though, but it doesn’t come out in drops unless you barely squeeze it. Be careful when applying, as it may come out in a stream.

Still Testing

First I'm a novice, so I will probably need more time to figure out how much to use and where exactly to put it. But from what I have used it on, a Dayan 5 Zhanchi, that has never seen a drop in 6 years, well, it certainly made it turn better. But for the moment, it seems to have done the job. The real test will be for my Gan 356 XS, once it needs lubricating and I clean it up from the factory lube.

Nice premium lube

Makes your cubes more controllable, and a lot smoother. Makes it quieter too. I recommend to people not really looking particularly to slow down/speed up their cubes, as a good base. It can be used to slow cubes down if you use a lot, though.
3cc doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you use it in proper amounts, when it’s needed, and only across a few cubes, it will last a good while - several months maybe.


It slows cubes down for a bit when you put it in the cube but when you break it in for a couple of solves then it makes the cube so much smoother. I recommend it in the gan Xs because it is a very crunchy cube

Excellent lube

It is green-transparent. Just 1 or 2 drops make my cubes silky smooth when turning.

Seem to last reasonably long.

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