2x2x3 QiYi Tower

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sophie Jennings
So glad we found this!

Another little gem purchased for my daughter. Thank you!

QiYi 2x2x3, Great Puzzle

Great puzzle to solve, and this particular one turns very well and has decent corner cutting. Is not a super difficult solve so definitely good as a quicker simpler puzzle, or for a challenge for less experienced/younger cubers.

QiYi 2x2x3 Tower

This is a really fun cube to solve.
I got mine in White and the shades are nice.
This turns really smoothly and has decent corner cutting,but when you try and corner cut too much the internals will catch a bit but its not much of an issue tbh.
Its really fun doing Squan algs on this and you can get quite lucky scrambles.
Really this is a really fun puzzle and I may like it more than others because you use Squan style algs and I love Squan but I think you will enjoy it!

Benjamin Grzesiak
Medium difficulty

If you are looking for an in-the-middle difficulty puzzle, I would recommend this to you.

Brilliant NxNxN Puzzle

First the stickers, the sticker quality on this puzzle is outstanding, unless you want to take of the stickers yourself they won’t come off anytime soon. The colours of the stickers are good as well, they are vibrant and a good contrast to the black model (the one I ordered).

The turning is smooth (from what i’ve experienced) and buttery which I like. Compared to other puzzles in my collection this is definitely one of the most fun because of the way it is designed.

I haven’t seen much of the mechanism being scared I would lose a piece like I have done before with a 3x3. The weight of the puzzle is light and the size is not much larger than a average 2x2

Although this puzzle has a lot of great things about it there is one thing that made me give the puzzle 4 stars and that is that the entire of the puzzles cubes can slide off the puzzle with ease which could be an issue with speed solving but apart from that it is a great puzzle and I would highly recommend it to any cuber who is looking for a 2x2x3.

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