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Customer Reviews

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Works decently with MAX Command

I have tried this in 2 3x3s and a 4x4, and haven’t really come out with outstanding conclusions. In the first cube, the TengYun V2 M, I applied this lube as carefully as possible, but it jetted out really quickly. I wish it didn’t come out as quickly, since I think it might work really well if I only applied a tiny amount. I have found if you leave the lube around for long time periods, the cube almost feels as if it is stuck together, and I can’t turn fast at all on the cube, like I could using other lubes. The zhilong 4x4 went better, however. I managed to only apply a small amount, which made the cube controllable, but fast enough. I also used things like dignitas, dnm and silk, which created a controllable feel, not too fast. It does provide a good base to work off of though, but this lube isn’t my first choice lube. Something like mystic or silk would go higher in the tier list for me.

Quite good

I have only used this lube a bit, with the command, so don't know about it's longevity, but it really speeds your cube up, but it does come out very very fast and can make your cube even slower and you will probably have to start again, it can also stain some stickerless cubes if they are "sticker" attached to internal plastic, so be weary of that. Other than those issues, it's a pretty good lube.

Fast and smooth

Squirts out in a gloopy puddle, but I was able to suck some of it back into the syringe and spread the rest around the pieces of the cube. Very unusual and unique lubricant, it instantly made a noticeable difference, made the cube very fast and smooth. Great service as always from KewbzUK, saving me the expense of ordering from the US.

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