QiYi MS 4x4

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Very good budget cube

I'm new to 4x4 cubes, and this is perfect place to start if you're a beginner.

First 4x4 and I love it!

Cute, fast, smooth and stable. I’m really enjoying playing with this. Finger tricks really easy. Inner magnets noticeably stronger than the outer magnets.
Didn’t think I’d be as taken with a 4x4 as I have been!

A top-notch puzzle

As per the title. It turns amazingly smoothly straight out of the box; even with my sloppy and imprecise turning style I still have yet to have this thing pop or lock up on me. I was using a QiYi QiYuan before this, and on switching my averages improved by about 15 seconds (although on second thoughts, this sounds less like a testament to how good this cube is but to how bad my times were.)
the corner cutting is pretty decent too - I suppose it doesn't matter all that much with the magnets aligning everything for you anyway, but if you do manage to defy magnetism and misalign the outer layers they can corner-cut to about 30° or so. The inner layer magnets feel a teensy bit stronger than the outer layer too, which I guess is handy for the final 3x3x3 section of solves.
Certainly, for the price you can't really go wrong with this cube (unless you lube it up with, like, super glue or something.)

Feels nice

My only other 4x4 is the QiYi QiYuan, and I am not good at 4x4, but the QiYi MS 4 feels nice, and I am sure it will help me improve.

QiYi MS 4x4

A really nice budget 4x4. I main it over my non-magnetic wuque.I have a stickered one and it has nice shades. It is really smooth,has decent corner cutting and is stable.I really recommend this 4x4 I like it a lot,although I havent tried many 4x4s I like it.

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