QiYi QiMeng Plus 3x3 (90mm)

Colour: Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
It's HUGE!

I love it, it's hilariously oversized yet still a good cube, and far more fun to solve than a 56mm anyday :D

It’s huge

This cube is massive
In my opinion, it’s so much more fun to solve than a normal 3x3 just because of the size
Not amazing for speed solving because of the size but it turns well and I’m sure that if your hands were bigger then mine you could get really good times
I got a 39 second solve on it though (I average ~25)
The cube has a really nice frosted feel as well, adding to how nice it is to use
Overall, a great cube and I’d recommend it if you like 3x3 but are board of speed solving it
Or if you just want it for your desk

Qiyi Qimeng Plus

THIS CUBE IS MASSIVE! Its actually the exact size of my 9x9.I do have tiny hands so I am not very fast on it but I can say it is definetly a speedcube! It turns amazingly! I would defininetly recommend this cube.(a pic beside my 9x9)

It's HUGE!!

This cube is surprisingly good! It's very stable, turns are smooth and easy (I thought the extra plastic rubbing together would slow it down, but that isn't the case), and the matt plastic feels great in the hand.

Forget corner cutting, it's way to big for that sort of flex but if you're using this you are not trying to beat your own personal best time. I got it for novelty value alone really, but it's a really fun cube to play with and the sheer size of the thing gives you a different solving experience.

Recommended, if only for the sheer awesomeness of having it sit on display!

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