QiYi Valk 3 Power M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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QiYi Valk 3 Power M

Excellent Seller and item
Highly recommended

Potential Main over GTS3M - Annoying to setup + break-in

I can say this cube is underrated in my opinion, although it takes a long time to break in. I set it up with Silk and DNM and not my usual weight 5 (cubicle) as this is a first time experience with a 3x3 w/ primary internals, so I wanted to play it safe. Id highly reccomend you replace the springs with the spare ones that come with is as those make the cube more controllable. The only downside to doing this is that it is the perfect OH cube for me with the looser springs but no good for 2H.
Overall it is a nice cube, I use it in public as it is relatively quiet and has a cleaner noise if that makes sense. Oh and one more thing, magnets are ridiculously light for it's speed. Its not a big problem if you have the tighter springs and heavy lube

Great Cube!

Although I do not have this cube, I have tried it and its AMAZING so i bought it :D
it is reaally smooth but the magnets arent that strong. Corner cutting is around 45 (decent)
One downside, theres an £8 between the valk 3 power and the valk 3 power M, quite a lot of money when its nearly 50% more, but as I saw its much cheaper than on any other cube store or amazon or whatever.

Valk Power M

Amazing cube, great out the box and superb after tensioning and lubing. My average dropped by 5 seconds after using this cube for a few weeks. Excellent cube for the price.

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