YuXin Little Magic 8x8

Colour: Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

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Good YuXin Little Magic 8x8

Packaging/ Initial appearance:
Simple cardboard box. No excessive plastic. Cube looks eautiful with nice colours.
Initial feel/checkerboard:
Fairly weighty but not so much that it's 'tiring' to hold ( true for entire solve of a couple of hours-- I'm a beginner ). Did checkerboard and some care needed to avoid catches, but it was easy to align all layers by either tapping or pinching the edges with two fingers or a gentle slap with one palm. Although not completely dry, it was a little bit too frictional.
Outer layers turn easily, and centre layers nearly but not quite as easily.
I added some lube and thoroughly scrambled the cube.
The lube definitely helped although to be fair I think just turning it for the scramble did as much.
1st solve:
There were a few minor catches of misaligned layers when turning which were easily straightened with two-finger pinch or palm-slap. It was a pleasure to solve and by the end of the solve, the cube was turning very smoothly and had broken in pretty well.
Bottom line:
I'm looking forward to my next solve on this cube and recommend it unless you have small fingers as it's a fair-sizex cube ( MoYu do a smaller 8*8*8 if you have small fingers which is also a great buy, )

It's ok but doesn't turn perfectly

Great product for the price, but the turning of the inner layers ain't perfect. Some friction and stacked pieces might happen. Overall it's a good cube, 4/5

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