Z-Cube 1x1

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jesus Christ…

I’m not sure how anyone is able to buy one of these and be able to solve it. I’ve had it for a few days and still can’t solve it even with the algorithms! You guys are too good for me…

Comes with a little travel case, detachable and retractable keyring, and has a matte texture on the stickers.
(Pound coin for scale)

I just peel off the stickers and put them back on.

Don't judge me.

Jeff Bazos
Hardest Cube

I cant complete it

Keever Quigley
Thing of Legends

Before getting my 1x1 Rubik’s cube, I would just sit at the bar in the pub I live in solving all types of cubes yet no one was impressed.
I tried and tried but got no ones attention, so I thought what cube would people see me do and be amazed. Not the 21x21, the 1x1.
I sat for hours and hours trying to learn how to master the art of the 1x1 cube, then suddenly I managed it. I practised and practised until one day I solved it as quick as humanly possible.
I went into the bar and sat there with my cube solve after solve after solve. No one could believe the speed I was solving it. The amount of people who watched in amazement as I did it was unreal.
Suddenly the girl of my dreams walked into the bar and she sat next to me and kissed me on the check and told me that my 1x1 Rubik’s cube was the “Thing of Legends”

Hassan S
This thing is a chick magnet

I was nothing other than a simple normie who could solve a 3x3 before. Following purchase I achieved a state of such greatness that all girls over 12 that scared me before now approach me on the tube, park, chip shops you name it. They always enquire about this legendary piece and marvel at my ability to hold it with pride despite my lack of ability to solve it. It also helps with social distancing for example I stopped leaving my house. I spend most of my day before the little temple I built that enshrines this majestic beast. Soon I will be opening a business venture that at will allow others to visit for a small price. This has really turned my life around. Thank you kewbz for introducing me to this model. Now please excuse me I must retire myself back to my prayers to this 1x1.

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